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Souza says Arsenal are in for another "big fight" against City

Defender Rafaelle Souza expects another big test against Manchester City as they come up against them for the second time in four days


10 February 2023


Arsenal defender Rafaelle spoke to the press after the Gunners 1-0 win over Manchester City in the Conti Cup semi-final.  Here is what she had to say.


What was it like defending against Bunny Shaw and Manchester City’s attack?

Rafaelle said “the whole team did well defending because not conceding a goal against them is really hard and I think we did a great job as a team but especially to not let her score is special for us but we have to do it all on Saturday again (Arsenal play Man City in the WSL then).”

When was the back three idea introduced to the squad (Jonas Eidevall said later this was the first time he has used this formation at Arsenal)?

Responding, Rafaelle said “they started working on it this week but it is just not for this game, I think we like having different styles of play and we can play different styles.”

What was Jonas’ thinking about moving you to the right side of defence when Jen Beattie came on?

“He was telling me to go in then find the outside wingers, and also because I played on the left, in the middle and on the right, I think it is good for me so I can play all over the pitch, I think it is good for the team but I will always give my best, doesn’t matter where I am going to play” Rafaelle said

How does it feel to be in your first cup final in England?

Rafaelle answered by saying “It feels so brilliant, I am so happy. My first final with this team, I think we deserve it. We work so hard, we have been working the whole year on this and think we deserve it.”

How do you stay focused at the end of extra-time?

“We have to carry on the energy, like from the team, we put in good work today, and for me as a defender I have to be concentrating and be focused for the whole game, especially when we scored and got a lot of pressure on our team, but I think we did a good job as a team together defending” respond Rafaelle.

Does it come into your mind you are playing Man City again on Saturday?

“We know we have a tough game on Saturday but now we have to think about rest and have a good sleep because the next game will be another big fight” concluded Rafaelle.


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