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Emma Hayes: The FA Cup is "a celebration of women's football"

Emma Hayes praises those who have come before ahead of this weekend’s historic FA Cup.


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3 December 2021

On the 100th anniversary of the FA inflicted ban on women’s football, Chelsea boss Emma Hayes insisted this weekend’s FA Cup final, celebrating its 50th year of occurrence, is more than just an occasion for the two competing sides.

“For me the FA Cup final is about everybody who’s come before. The scores of women who have built the game to this level, whether they’ve represented their teams at Wembley or not. Whether they’ve played in, participated in, coached or worked within organisations. It’s a special day in the women’s football calendar and I certainly want to celebrate that.”

Speaking to the media ahead of the game, Hayes reiterated the significance of the whole event, not just the scoreline.

“Of course I want to win, that’s obvious, but it’s about something much bigger. It’s for all those former captains that have won FA Cups or former players that have participated and they didn’t get this opportunity. This is about them.”

“This is about the women’s game, grassroots football, kids running home watching the showpiece event for the women’s calendar. This is about the league, the FA, the sponsors, everybody. Everybody that has invested in the game, you guys [press] that make sure we’re front and centre.”

“This is a coming together of the women’s game that has really grown to an amazing level and one that I know we’re going to keep building on.”

“To have the game on a poignant date is critical, and one that must serve as a reminder that this game won’t be banned again.”

“This weekend is about every single person who has made sure that women’s football has become a permanent fixture in everybody’s lives.”

Chelsea will take on Arsenal at Wembley Stadium in the Women’s FA Cup final on Sunday 5th December at 2pm.


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