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"I felt confident as soon as it left my foot" says Tooney on her wondergoal at Wembley

Manchester United hero Ella Toone reflects on their FA Cup win


Adam Mitten

13 May 2024

After scoring Manchester United’s stunning first goal in Sunday’s FA Cup final, Ella Toone spoke to the media in the mixed zone after their victory at Wembley Stadium.  Here is what she had to say.

Toone started by saying she was “buzzing” and “really happy with the goal and it came at the perfect time for us”.  She felt they needed the second goal and after they scored that “they controlled the game really well” and it was “an amazing day for the club.”

The United midfielder added it was “really special, it has been a difficult season for us and not the season we wanted but we knew today we had to come and get the win, we know what heartbreak felt like last year so for the girls, the staff, all the fans who travel home and away and who were here today loud and proud, that was for them.”

She continued by saying the heartbreak last year “definitely helped, last year was devastating when you are watching Chelsea lift the trophy in front of your eyes” and that “gave them hunger to go again, and after reaching the final, they didn’t want to feel that way again”. 

“We were a team, stuck together, we’re positive, believed in ourselves and used the feeling of last year to make sure we didn’t have that again this year” Toone remarked.

In regards to her spectacular goal just before half time, she said that “those ones you overthink a little bit when you have a lot of time on the ball, sometimes you make the wrong decision but I have been practising those shots every day after training and I felt confident as soon as it left my foot it is one of them where you know it is going in.”

With this being another goal for Toone at Wembley Stadium, she isn’t sure it is her playground as some people say, and she likes to “help the team in anyway that I can and today was with that goal which I think really helped us.”

Toone was asked about the dressing room celebrations after the match, but she had been “too busy doing interviews and missed it all.”


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