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"I'm funny, I'm a pain and I can score goals" Miedema says goodbye to The Arsenal

Vivianne Miedema says tearful goodbye to Arsenal at Meadow Park


Arsenal WFC

18 May 2024

As Meadow Park erupted with applause and a emotional guard of honour lined her path, a tearful Vivianne Miedema took to the pitch to speak as an Arsenal player for one last time.

The ever-modest Miedema supporters have come to love was out in full swing as the Dutch international bypassed her hoards of accolades and reflected on her more nuanced favourite moments in an Arsenal shirt.

"Over the last couple of years I've really enjoyed my time here, I've loved playing with all the girls."

"I've got nothing to prove anymore, I'm funny, I'm a pain and I can score goals."

"But I think the most special one for me was coming back after my ACL, scoring that goal at Liverpool."

Taking a moment to gather herself, Miedema addressed her final match with Arsenal, a single voice crack giving away the enormity of the day.

"I think today was the hardest game of my career. Again, thank you team for making it so special."

Photo: Arsenal WFC

Turning to speak to her teammates directly, with graceful thanks Miedema wished the club well in their furture endevours.

"I've been really fortunate to play with all these girls, and obviously the girls before. There's so much quality in this group. I think you can take this so much further and I really really hope that I will see that next year and in the future. I think the sky is the limit for all of you."

Finally, backed by rapturous cheers, Miedema thanked the loyal supporters that have been with her throughout her time with Arsenal, from bitterly cold nights in Borehamwood to sell out crowds at the Emirates.

"I think I've always said it's not the men's stadium, it's the club stadium. The club has done amazing this year, it's going to do amazing again next year. Again, thank you fans, they were unbelievable."

"I really really hope you sell all the games out next year because we.... well, they, need all of you and I can't wait to see it next year."

Vivianne Miedema leaves Arsenal with 177 goal involvements and 126 goals in 173 appearances. She leaves as Arsenal's 12th highest all-time top goalscorer across both the men's and women's teams.

Vivianne Miedema leaves Arsenal as a legend.


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