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Thoughts on: Lotte Wubben-Moy


22 March 2021

A Whole Lotte Wubben-Moy

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Catherine Ivill

The 2020/21 season has been disjointed for a number of reasons, yet as it has progressed, it has become clear that the irrefutable excellence of the Women’s Super League continues its upward trajectory. Many have stood out amongst the league’s elite, including that of one returned home-grown talent. Throughout the latter half of the season, one’s ears have rather quickly pricked up to the noise that is being made by Arsenal defender, Lotte Wubben-Moy.

The centre back returned to her roots in the summer after a three-year spell across the pond. Lifelong Gooner, Wubben-Moy came through Arsenal’s academy before making her senior debut with the club in 2015 at the tender age of sixteen.

Two years later, after an impressive Spring Series, the eighteen-year-old had a choice to make. The opportunity to play collegiate football whilst studying abroad had arisen and a characteristically wise Wubben-Moy decided it was an opportunity that was not to be turned down. Wubben-Moy joined esteemed US college side, North Carolina Tar Heels. In hindsight this should have served as a sign of things to come. Not just anybody plays for UNC. The perceptively poised centre-back that has landed in Borehamwood is concrete proof that Wubben-Moy prudently squeezed every last ounce of physical, professional and personal growth out of her time abroad.

Lotte Wubben-Moy is everything that you could ask for in a maturing centre-back. Her commanding physicality paired with a readiness to put herself on the line serves to strengthen that essential staunch strength to hold down the fort that she absolutely exudes.

Attentive to an incoming ball, Wubben-Moy harbours the very fundamentals of a play breaking defender. She is positionally aware in making crucial ground interceptions and blocks, often using these opportunities to regain possession. Typically making the most of lapses in the oppositions momentum, Wubben-Moy has the prowess to swing the pendulum the other way. Picking up loose balls and targeting them as forward ground sweeping passes. Yet, she is just as impressive aerially as she is with her feet. Both defensively and offensively, Wubben-Moy presents a threat in the air, climbing high to produce bullet headers to her desired effect.

Alessia Russo2.png

Kunjan Malde // Charlotte Stacey

Yet, further than these impressive physical abilities is Wubben-Moy’s clear growth mindset and an appetite to absorb as much as possible is rather quickly noted. Whether it is a clarifying word with a teammate or a tactical shift from the touchlines, Wubben-Moy soaks it up without complaint. It is this hunger for both self-improvement and collective harmony that pegs Wubben-Moy as an emergent leader within Arsenal’s ranks.

Calm and composed both on and off the ball, the pressure of an occasion, nor the weight of carrying the defensive line does not impede Wubben-Moy’s performances. In fact, a principal fixture only seems to have the opposite effect. Her cool-headedness does much to settle Arsenal’s occasional makeshift back four. Her assuredness in what is achievable a propellant when confidence has dropped.

This leading mentality has been simmering since a young age. Aside from being widely regarded for her leadership and organisational skills during her time with UNC, Wubben-Moy captained Arsenal’s highly successful development team during her youth career and led England’s Under-17’s to the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the World Cup and Championship respectively.

But perhaps Wubben-Moy’s most endearing quality is her absolute devotion to her club. The grab of the badge after scoring; the scream of joy at a favoured scoreline; the sullen drop of the head upon defeat; all tell the story of a Gooner through and through. Simply, Wubben-Moy radiates The Arsenal from her very pores.

Safely rooted back in red and white, Wubben-Moy’s increasing defensive sureness, developing influence, as well as well as her drive to succeed, set her firmly in one direction and one direction only. For both Arsenal and England supporters have plenty to look forward to.

There’s a Lotte more to come.

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