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Thoughts on: Ellen White


12 September 2020

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With this last year adding to her already outstanding domestic and international record, Manchester City and England forward Ellen White continues to establish herself as one of the finest finishers in the game.

Ellen White is well and truly making her mark on English football. Having played for a number of professional clubs, and being prolific at each, White is a big signing, and rightly so. Pairing a natural positional intelligence with a composed touch, White’s consistency in front of goal is enviable. At her former club Birmingham City, White scored an impressive 23 goals in 26 appearances; for Manchester City, 6 goals in 11 appearances so far. But whilst her domestic statistics are more than respectable, it is for her country that White truly excels.

Put White in an England shirt and she knows exactly what to do. With her typical execution seemingly amplified when she is wearing the Three Lions, White’s exceptional performances with the Lionesses have rightly earned her a catalogue of accolades. Amongst these, White has twice been voted as England’s Women’s Player of the Year, and ended last year’s World Cup as the joint top goal scorer. And so, it is rather fitting then, that it was White who made history as the first player to score for the Lionesses at Wembley Stadium last year. A feat that could not have been earned by a more deserving player.

It is perhaps White’s distinctive drive, alongside her level-headedness, that has propelled her so greatly. Where she is ambitious, she is not over-zealous. Imperturbable by nature, White is cool, calm and collected in all that she does. Sensible on the ball, she does not try to “over-do” it, always careful not to squander a chance with a flippant attempt.

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A forward thinker if ever you’ve seen one, it seems White often finds herself in the right place at the right time. Yet, this is no accident. By adapting her experience of other positions, utilising her pace, and fine tuning what she knows best, White has crafted herself into a striker that punishes inside the box. Blindside the defence, time the run to the pass, tuck the ball in the net; clean and concise - trademark Ellen White.

Whilst she is renowned for her goal scoring abilities, it is important to note that other aspects of White’s game are just as impressive. White has a work ethic that is unremitting. Whether she is chasing down a loose ball, or drawing back into the middle third to regroup, she does not stop. White simply refuses to become redundant. When she is, perhaps, not receiving the service expected, she will go after it herself. An altogether indefatigable player.

Decisions made my officials can make or break a spirit, and White has certainly had her fair share of frustrations. Disallowed goals and missed penalties can be devastating, yet they are not to be dwelled upon, and it is here where White’s resilience prevails. Disappointment is to be put to once side for the time being, and the remainder of the game is business as usual. White is not defeatist under any circumstance, and it is this buoyancy that often keeps her team afloat.

A clinical, world class finisher; we have certainly come to expect a lot from White. Luckily for us, she rarely falters. With a constructive attitude and ever-present hunger for improvement, White is a player to flaunt. And her down to earth and charitable nature seen off the pitch is really the icing on the cake. So, with a few monumental summers ahead, Lionesses fans can rest easy.

We’ll be alright, with Ellen White.

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