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Thoughts on: Bethany England


12 September 2020

England for England

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Mia Eriksson

With a number of goals that saw her ending up as one of the top scorers, being named player of the 2019-2020 season, as well as a senior international debut, Chelsea and England forward Beth England has certainly had a year to remember.

Beth England is absolutely flying right now. Yet, with her current fine form, it is somewhat surprising that just a year ago, England was relatively unknown in the international camp. But a sharp focus, paired with a concrete perseverance, has seen her inspiring drive lead to an outstanding season with Chelsea; she is now, quite rightly, firmly on the map.

Having a keen attacking mindset and an eye for an opening, England has everything you want to see in a top striker. England demonstrates a superb control of the ball, a first touch that is first rate, and a finish to envy. Whether it is her head or her feet, England is able to hit the back of the net from a whole host of circumstances, meaning she is problematic for the most proficient of keepers. Where she is predominantly a right footed player, England's finish is just as cool with her left, making her a threat from all sides. England is quite simply a headache of a player for a defensive line.

Never one to settle, England is not a player that expects the ball to land at her feet. She has a tendency to make the most menacing of runs, often wreaking havoc for her opposition. Swiftly moving around the pitch and successfully finding space that others tend to miss, England is as much a part of build up play as she is in the finish.

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Lee Smith

England is positively a team player. Remaining disciplined under pressure, England refrains from trying to do too much on the ball, and it is because of this that she does not often squander chances. Her practical approach sees her play with a maturity in goal scoring opportunities. Neither does England monopolise. Her game is always for the good of the team, and she builds strong partnerships from both the middle, and up front, creating chances for both herself and others.

England's success is a prime example of not giving up when one's endeavours are perhaps being overlooked. Keep plugging away and eventually you will get there. In respect of both individual matches, and indeed her career as a whole, what is clear is that England will not stop until she gets what she came for. And thank goodness for that.

With her call up for the SheBelieves Cup, and her accolades with Chelsea, it is fitting that England's talent is finally being, not only recognised, but celebrated. Looking forward, considering her stunning domestic form, England's continued presence in the international squad certainly looks likely.

Rest assured, with England on the pitch, football might just be on its way home.

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