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Spurs v Leicester FA Cup Semi-Final


Ryan Asman

Tottenham Hotspur made history on Sunday as they earned their place in the FA Cup Final due to take place at Wembley in a couple of weeks.

The Foxes took an early lead through Jutta Rantala's rocket strike and looked to hold on to this as the match began to draw to a close. Jess Naz equalised in the 83rd minute taking the game to extra time. Despite good efforts from both sides including a fantastic Rantala free-kick that bounced off the crossbar, it felt as though the deadlock would not be broken.

Martha Thomas became a hero and Spurs legend in the 118th minute as her header outdid the foxes defence and flew past Lise Kop into the back of the net. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium erupted with supporters soaking up every fibre of the special moment and celebrations continued as referee Emily Heaslip blew the final whistle just minutes later.

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