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Lionesses Squad

Rachel Daly

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Rachel Daly is an experienced and adaptable player with a unique skillset. When playing domestically, Daly occupies the centre forward role and is currently wreaking havoc across defensive lines with Aston Villa. Her forward role is that of a deep-lying striker who excels in linking play, playing in other attacking players and creating interchangeable sequences of play. But of course, Daly does also possess that no. 9 killer strike.

Internationally, however, Daly is usually situated further back, primarily featuring for England as a left-back. Here, Daly utilises her strikers’ tendencies and pairs them with the defensive qualities developed as a result of her slightly unusual placement. Daly’s ‘off the ball’ traits are under appreciated at times, but her pressing and positional awareness are key in bringing a balance to England’s backline.

Photograph courtesy of the FA.

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