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Lionesses Squad

Niamh Charles

Squad Mary Earps.png

Niamh Charles was unlucky not to have been a part of last year’s Euro’s winning squad. The Chelsea defender has been increasingly important to the Blues’ line-up and looks to be heading the same way on the international stage. Primarily playing on the right, Charles offers a different style of play to Lucy Bronze, with the latter preferring to invert and initiate attacking play.

Charles, however, offers a more supporting role and plays equally well being positioned as both a fullback or wingback. Defensively, Charles is disciplined and is careful to challenge in timely fashion. But this is not to say that her presence is not valuable in attack, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Charles is an asset in backing-up heavyweight attacking threats with clever movement that creates space and her increasingly savvy passing skills. Further than this, Charles is happy to overlap using width meaning she is often an extra body and auxiliary winger during attacking phases.

Photograph courtesy of the FA.

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