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Lionesses Squad

Lucy Bronze

Squad Mary Earps.png

Lucy Bronze has arguably been England’s most important fullback over recent years, and even more so, their most versatile fullback tactically. An inverted right-back, she is one of England’s primary sources of build-up. Bronze habitually interchanges in position with the right-winger, but also has the sense to keep her width to stretch play in the right moments. Bronze’s crossing skills and spatial awareness are difference makers and give England a spirited drive along the right touchline.

Bronze is also known for her tendency to drift into the midfield to create overloads in the middle. As a progressive fullback, Bronze likes to carry the ball high up the pitch, she has a habit of cutting in centrally and decoying opponents when the space is afforded. Bronze’s role in both defence and in attack cannot be understated.

Photograph courtesy of the FA.

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