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Lionesses Squad

Leah Williamson

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Arsenal centre-back and England captain Leah Williamson will most likely adopt her traditional centre-back role going forward. After trialling a period in midfield, it looks as though Williamson will be positioned in the backline for the time being. With that being said, her progressive nature and exceptional ball playing skill, could see her assume a variation of the number 6 role alongside Keira Walsh depending on Wiegman’s tactics for each game. By and large, what Williamson offers Wiegman is flexibility. Having a player that can be used equally well in the backline and in midfield means a greater number of formations become realistically usable.

Williamson is decisive and rational; a player who is largely purposeful with every touch. The Arsenal thoroughbred harbours quality passing abilities, so much so that in fact, she could easily be regarded as one of the best in the world at filtering progressive passes from back to front. The benefits of having Williamson on the field are endless; from leadership and tact, to playmaking and quality possession.

Photograph courtesy of the FA.

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