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Lionesses Squad

Lauren James

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Widely regarded as one of the rawest footballing talents the country has ever seen, Lauren James is simply magnificent to watch. The Chelsea forward can play in just about any attacking position and deals with whatever she is tasked with radiating collectedness.

It is almost as if James defies time and space when she is in possession. Everyone and everything around her appear to stand still as she motors toward goal, darting around opponents as if they are nothing more than cones marked out on a training ground. With pressing qualities as well as defensive substance, James’ ludicrous speed paired with her ease on the ball is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no other way to describe James’ game than to define it as inexplicably cool, but the real exhilaration comes in knowing that she is nowhere near her prime. Mark these words, Lauren James will define a generation.

Photograph courtesy of the FA.

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