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On the red carpet with Fara Williams

Thursday, 27 October 2022

England's most capped player Fara Williams talks FIFA and the WSL at the Women's Football Summit

Charlotte Stacey | Getty Images


Any self-respecting fan of women’s football knows the name Fara Williams. As England’s most capped player with 172 caps during her career, as well as a wealth of experience at a number of top-flight clubs, Williams knows a thing or two about the women’s game.

We caught up with Williams at the Women’s Football Summit presented by EA to chat all things FIFA and to get her take on the new Women’s Super League season, here’s what she had to say…

The development of FIFA games…

“I could never have imagined this! You know, I played Fifa as a kid but only ever the men’s teams that were involved, and even you think of the graphics back then as well they all pretty much looked the same! You couldn’t identify players!”


EA Sports hosting a women’s football event…

“So, I never imagined anything like this, but I think it’s fantastic. Certainly, EA Sport and FIFA23 have grown the women’s game. The game has been growing for the 10-15 years, we won the Euro’s, it’s perfect with this brand and now the game is coming into its own and it’s fantastic.”


Predications for this season…

“It’s difficult, I always think Chelsea are going to come out on top in the end. But in terms of Manchester United, I think they’ve done well. So far though, they’ve played opposition I would expect them to beat so right now it’s difficult to fully judge them.”


Could a team pip Chelsea to the post…

“Manchester City have had a tough start, so it’s difficult. Arsenal look impressive but now they’ve got two massive injuries at centre-half. Everton look really good in their opening games even though they lost the first one.

“But Chelsea, they showed themselves. In terms that Chelsea are still that level. But it’ll be an interesting one, I think teams will take points off each other… but Chelsea are going to win.”     


You can catch Williams as part of the punditry and commentary teams on games selected for television broadcast.                                         

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