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“To see the women's team at a big stadium will inspire others to believe they can do it too”

Sunday, 9 April 2023

Norwich City’s HerGameToo Advocates on their upcoming historic game at Carrow Road

Norwich City Women


At 10am on Monday (27th February), the news broke that Norwich City will be playing their final home game of the season, against Ashford Town in the FA Women’s National League Division One at Carrow Road! This is a historic move for the team, which will see them play at the men’s stadium for the first time in the clubs history.

This news was greeted with glee by various City fans, but none more so than Nicol and Jess, The Canaries two HerGameToo advocates, who are relishing the chance to see their beloved Norwich, take to the Carrow Road pitch.

“Honestly, I jumped up in the air when I saw the news, which made my work colleagues question me a bit! I'm absolutely elated for the team that they'll finally get the chance to play at Carrow Road. I personally think that the chance itself has been long overdue, but I'm so glad that it has finally come”, said an elated Jess!

The team itself are pulling up trees in the FA Women’s National League, currently sitting 4th in the Division One South East table with just three defeats all season and only one at home. Nicol touches on the Yellows home form being the key to a great season so far.

"This season has been extremely successful for the Women's team. With the exception of our home game to Hashtag United (a 7-1 defeat), NCWFC are undefeated at home in the FAWNL .They are also awaiting a semi final match in the County Cup in a few weeks time. Whatever the result the team battles hard every game and fans are always incredibly entertained with several nail biting heart pounding moments so far this season”. 

Natasha Snelling is certainly one to watch for any fan making the trip the either The Nest or Carrow Road for the remainder of the season, having scored 12 goals in 15 appearances across all competitions this season, whilst Megan Todd is another ‘ones to watch’, having struck 7 goals in 16 appearances this season. As with every team or course, there are players that perhaps don’t get the credit they deserve, with Jess adding, "players like Katie Knights, Eloise Morran and Alice Parker never get the credit they should do.”

News of this Carrow Road date will no doubt be shining the spotlight on Women’s Football in Norwich, and as Jess and Nicol both elude too, the move is not only set to inspire, but it will also give the Yellows a chance to ‘get on the map’.

England winger and former Norwich City player, Lauren Hemp. Photo:Getty

"I feel as if this fixture at Carrow Road could bring a very real engagement in women's football to Norwich. Before, we've only had one player we've produced of note, that being European Champion, Lauren Hemp, but aside from that, women's football in Norwich has never really made it to the mainstream”, said Jess.

Nicol added, "I think the game at Carrow Road will be an incredible platform to showcase the women's team to a much larger fan base. It will have a big impact on local young girls who may (like myself in the past) have been told that football is for boys. To see a women's team at a big stadium will inspire them to believe they can do it too.

"The attendances at The Nest have been increasing throughout the season however some fans may not have been aware of the women's team but after this game they certainly will be which hopefully will increase attendances for future fixtures”.

Whatever the result is on April 16th and the outcome of their season, it is clear to see the Canaries have caught the attention in Norfolk, and their date with destiny at Carrow Road, is set to enhance the evergrowing reputation for the Women’s game. 

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