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Women’s Football Yearbook 2021-22

Women’s Football Yearbook 2021-22 by Chris Slegg, Tom Garry and Beth Pritchard

This is the fifth edition of our unique, ground-breaking book – the first and only book of its kind. Already recognised as the authority on the women’s game, ‘The Women’s Football Yearbook’ is the definitive annual – offering unrivalled information, photos, facts and figures on all England’s leading teams.

Playing in goal is possibly the closest experience sport offers to being a superhero. Flying through the air to save the ball, to rescue your team, to thwart those in enemy colours.

The objective of Women Football Yearbook is to drive female participation at all levels of the game.
It is a collection of stats, insight, irreverence and analysis, telling the definitive story of the 2020/21 season. With an entry on each of the 24 clubs competing in the WSL and Championship as well as the England national team, the book also contains a foreword by UEFA women’s football chief and former FIFA World Best Player Nadine Keßler. All the key statistics, league tables and results are included. ‘The Women’s Football Yearbook’ is simply a must-have for everyone who loves the beautiful game.

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