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"It's not the end, it's actually just the beginning" says Vilahamn

Spurs boss Robert Vilahamn is encouraged by Spurs' experience in the FA Cup final


Eddie Keogh

12 May 2024

Tottenham Hotspur manager Robert Vilahamn spoke to the media after Spurs' 4-0 defeat to Manchester United in the FA Cup final. Here is what he had to say...

On his feelings at the final whistle: It's not fun to lose a final in big numbers but on the other hand I think Manchester United played a really good game. They hurt us, had really good quality so sometimes you just have to think 'ok, they've just had a really good day.'

That first goal was a little bit tough for us just on the half time break because the first half was still quite competitive. We tried to find ways in the second half but they scored two goals quite quickly and we are all over the place. It's really hard to play 3-0 down and when they are shining of course.

On the other hand we need to look at the whole FA Cup and realise we played at Wembley today. We are here to get an experience and a love for this game so even if it's really tough now we know that we're going to be really proud when we finish this season.

On players feeling the pressure of a big occasion: Most of the players of Man United were here last year, they had experience of that. And I think most of our players were still performing to their best so that first goal [hurts us]. We had chances as well, but we're going to learn from this and the players will learn much about how their bodies are working in these kinds of games. That's what we want, we want these big games and to be able to perform.

And also for me, I've never been here as a coach before so it's a great experience. How you communicate with the players, it's so loud, so hard to reach them,. So very, tough to lose but it's a learning process and this is the first step .

On moving forward as One Club: We've got this experience this year to play at the [Tottenham Hotspur] stadium two times and a final here. It's not only the players, the coaches, it's the media team, it's the whole club and how we get around stuff and prepare stuff. It's a really good journey we've done this year. If we want to continue, to be a top team, this experience will help us. We couldn't do it today and I'm sad for the fans but I also know that we will come back. it's not the end, it's actually just the beginning.

On supporting players after the game: The main thing I said that this is not the end. We have learnt so much this year and actually reached the final. Yeah, we could've won it as well, but on the other hand, Man United deserve it. So we also need to look at it like 'what a performance they've had, they've had experience in the big stadium as well.'

It's ok to have feelings. It's ok to feel angry, sad, whatever they want to be because that's part of football. You should feel that today because you want to win next time.

We're going to close this year and we're going to realise we were in the final, we were top six in the league and we're probably going to feel like we've had a good year.

On goalkeeper Becky Spencer's error that led to Lucia Garcia's first goal: I'm taking that goal on me actually. Because that's how I want her to play. The goalkeeper will make mistakes every year when you play the style we do, it's just unfortunately she did it in the final. But on the other hand she showed us that she will be brave so I'm going to make sure I'm going to support her on Tuesday. Make sure she knows. She's a very mature woman and a cool girl, she will solve this, I know that. It's no problem.

Of course I'm going to make sure that I tell her that she is a great goalkeeper. Very on the ball and she should continue dictating the build-up for us because she is great with that.


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